Oct. 29, 2014

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Final stage of Hwy 610 begins in Maple Grove

Photo of local and state leaders at Hwy 610 groundbreaking.

Gov. Mark Dayton, Commissioner Charlie Zelle and Department of Employment and Economc Development Commissioner Katie Clark-Sieben were joined Oct. 16 by state and local officials and a crowd of more than 75 people to break ground for the Hwy 610 Corridors of Commerce project in Maple Grove. Continued

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On the Job: Bob Vasek enjoys job variety as maintenance operations engineer

Photo of Bob Vasek.

Bob Vasek, maintenance operations engineer, describes his job simply as supporting districts’ maintenance operations. One part of that involves working with the Department of Administration's Materials Management Division to develop specifications for statewide maintenance materials and services contracts. Continued

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District 4 mourns death of Steve Baukol

Photo of Steve BaukolSteve Baukol, District 4 permit technician, died Sunday, Oct. 26, in Rochester, Minn., after a three-year battle with cancer. Baukol, 51, worked in District 4 for 16 years in maintenance and the permits office.

Friend and MnDOT colleague Brian Bausman said Baukol had the respect of his co-workers and his customers. Continued

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